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Dermatological treatment

  • common and rosacea acne
  • psoriasis
  • on-allergic-basis diseases
  • neveus, skin discolorations
  • wants and scars
  • excessive hair loss and dandruff
  • veneral diseases
  • cryosurgery procedures

Lek. Med. Aleksandra Szewczyk 

Lek. Med. Magdalena Szymańska

Lek. Med. Weronika Chorążyczewska

She provides comprehensive dermatological examination in cases of skin, nails or hair diseases.
She carries out effective treatment of acne, psoriasis, skin discolorations, warts, and excessive hair loss.
Furthermore, she cures venereal and on-allergic-basis diseases. During the visit, Lek. med. Anna Sadowska-Przytocka is qualified to perform also cryosurgery procedure.

  • Visit cost: 120 zł
  • Registration: 509 376 900

ul. Emilii Sczanieckiej 1a/24 | Poznań

Access from Głogowska Street (2 km from Kaponiera roundabout, 1 km from Hetmańska Street) nearby the Rynek Łazarski tram stop of 6, 8, 14, 16, 18 tram lines. Free parking zone.